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Dawn of the Gods

Series C, Episode 4. First broadcast on Monday 28 January 1980

Episode 35

This week on Maximum Power, the Liberator is being dragged off course by a strange force from the other side of a black hole. James, Nathan and Peter soon find themselves in a strange place where the normal laws of physics don’t apply. Here they are taken prisoner by the fabulous Adam, caliph to the mysterious Thaarn, a god from Auron legend. Will our intrepid crew be able escape the black hole’s gravitational pull, find out as we discover the Dawn of the Gods.

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Milus and His Stupid Brother


Series C, Episode 3. First broadcast on Monday 21 January 1980

Episode 34

And now on Maximum Power, Mark, Peter, Colin and Nathan have all decided to set up a colony devoted to pacifism not far away from an enormous active volcano containing a leaky nuclear bomb. Things are going just about as well as you might expect when Dayna and Tarrant arrive to patronise them and to cadge some free drinks, while in orbit above the colony, Servalan and the crew of the Liberator find themselves exchanging witty barbs and plumbing new levels of incompetence.

Join us as we discuss the thorny political and philosophical issues raised by the pacifist position, in Volcano.

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Space Age Sexy


Series C, Episode 2. First broadcast on Monday 14 January 1980

Episode 33

And now on Maximum Power, Mark and Colin finally arrive back on board the Liberator with their new friend James Cooray-Smith, only to find an uncharacteristically rough-looking Michael Sheard, and a dramatically handsome new leading man who seems to be trying to impress them by murdering a whole bunch of people. Meanwhile, back on the planet Chenga, Peter and Brendan meet a group of attractive young women who have come up with an alarming new way of solving the Trolley Problem (Organ Donor Variant).

Join us as we discuss the final part of this dramatic two-part series opener — Powerplay.

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Alan Lake Was Also the Location


Series C, Episode 1. First broadcast on Monday 7 January 1980

Episode 32

And now on Maximum Power, our fearless space crew are reeling from the aftermath of the intergalactic war. While some of them take a break until next week, others go missing until later this year, and some of them are never seen again!

This week, Nathan finds himself on the planet Sarran, his clothes in tatters and his Federation in ruins. Never fear, Si’s on hand to lend him a floaty purple dress, it’s a little old fashioned, and not his colour, but it’ll do very nicely. James tells us he likes the ancient weapons, they’re more exciting, more dangerous, and without danger there’s no pleasure. And, Peter thinks that must limit your range of pleasures a bit.

Join us for the premiere of Series C of Blake’s 7 - Aftermath.

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Doing Coriolanus


Blakes 7: The Classic Adventures 1. Released January 2013

Episode 31

And now on Maximum Power, Si displays his famous optimism, Col almost gets the chance to demonstrate an old smuggler’s trick, Mark can be spared to go down to Megiddo, and finally Pete finds his telepathic powers are boosted by being in this region of space, or somewhere near Birmingham at least.

Join our fearless crew as they take a sidestep into audio with Big Finish’s first full cast Blake’s 7 drama and prequel to Series C - Warship!

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The Series B Retrospective

Episode 30

And now on Maximum Power, we take a look back at Series B of Blake’s 7.

Our adventure has taken us from the clutches of The System on Spaceworld, to the machinations of the Terra Nostra on Space City. From the planet of the Clone Masters, to Space Command, and Horizon, Earth, Space Command, and to a planet with an ocean made of spit.

We’ve been to Federation Q-Base on the planet Fosforon, Exbar, Albian, Space Command, Atlay (and its conference centre), Freedom City, Goth, Space Command, and finally on, with luck, to Star One.

But what have we learned from the experience? Join us for The Series B Retrospective and find out!

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The Fisher Price Invasion Force

Star One

Series B, Episode 13. First broadcast on Tuesday 3 April 1979

Episode 29

And now on Maximum Power, our intrepid crew join the precious few people who actually know where Star One is, as we reach the climactic end of Series B of Blake’s 7.

This week, Col just wants it finished, he wants it over and done with, he wants to be free. Peter could talk or scream, the choice is yours. James is expecting an invasion, a hoard of hairy aliens. Pete will not be President of a ruined empire. And for what it is worth, Si wants you to know he has always trusted you, from the very beginning.

And we’re all wondering if anything will ever be the same again after Star One!

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High Decibel Villainy

The Keeper

Series B, Episode 12. First broadcast on Tuesday 27 March 1979

Episode 28

This week on Maximum Power, the Liberator has arrived at the planet Goth in search of a brain print which holds the location of Star One. But the crew’s mission won’t be as easy at it sounds, for starters the place is full of tents.

While Si tries to convince the local chieftan to let him see his amulet, Col is trading barbs with the chieftain’s sister, trying to see hers. Pete is playing the fool and making the Fool jealous. And Una promises that if anyone lays a finger on her, the Federation battle fleets will blast you to ashes, you and all your tents!

Join us as we discuss Episode 12 of Series B of Blake’s 7The Keeper.

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Blackpool Not Vegas


Series B, Episode 11. First broadcast on Tuesday 20 March 1979

Episode 27

And now on Maximum Power we head to Freedom City on the trail of a former Federation cyber surgeon who can apparently tell us the location of Star One, and while we’re here maybe a bit of light cheating at high stakes gambling.

Pete’s cracked the gaming tables, Mark’s cheating at speed chess, Col’s a cheap little space tramp, Brendan’s a ten-credit touch, and Nathan will have that vulpine degenerate eviscerated with a small and very blunt knife.

Join us as we discuss Episode 11 of Series B – Gambit.

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An Outrageous Failure

Voice from the Past

Series B, Episode 10. First broadcast on Tuesday 13 March 1979

Episode 26

And now on Maximum Power, we’re scheming with Shivan, venting with Ven Glynd and having Le Grand old time, as we head to a governors’ conference on the planet Atlay, intent on overthrowing the Federation.

This week, Si is not so enfeebled he’s forgotten the rules of the game, Simon is swathed in bandages and could be anyone, but is definitely who he says he is, promise. Peter is waiting to make his entrance on a huge cinema screen, and James, well, he has seen through your pathetic little scheme from the very beginning!

But what did we make of Roger Parkes’ debut Blake’s 7 script – Voice from the Past?

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