Another Tool in Her Toolbox


Series B, Episode 4 – First broadcast 30 january 1979

And now on Maximum Power, despite space fatigue and too many space crises, the crew are ready to discuss Episode 4 of Series B of Blake’s 7.

This week, in an unlikely turn of events, Nathan becomes the Liberator’s nurse, Peter reveals he’s not an ideal teacher, Simon admits he’s not an ideal pupil, and Si, well he’s not expendable, he’s not stupid and he’s not going!

Join us on a trip to the tropical mining world of Horizon!

Their Collection of Sleeves


Series B, Episode 3 – First broadcast 23 January 1979

This week on Maximum Power, brilliant and slightly unhinged Beta-grade technician Nathan has invented a rather curiously named weapon, and now he’s on the run from the Federation, taking downtrodden and rather fabulous bond-slave Brendan with him.

To catch them, James dons one of his best frocks and enlists the services of floaty-sleeved Clonemaster Adam Richard in the creation of a pair of clones, one to be killed for dramatic effect, the other to use in a convoluted plot to grab Nathan’s weapon… So that’s IMIPAK!

Join us as we discuss Episode 3 of Series B of Blake’s 7 – Weapon.

Planets Without Daisies or Daffodils


Series B, Episode 2 – First broadcast 16 January 1979

And now on Maximum Power, the Liberator crew head to Space City to enlist the support of shadowy drug-smuggling criminal syndicate the Terra Nostra in their fight against the Federation.

This week as Si tries to negotiate with the Terra Nostra, Col is sneakily sampling the delights of the satellite of sin, while newcomer (and dark force from another dimension) Tim Dickinson is attempting to use James’ strange and ill-defined telepathic abilities to break into our universe.

Join us as we strive to break our addiction to Shadow, Episode 2 of Series B of Blake’s 7.

Davros Called, He Wants His Leather Tunic Back


Series B, Episode 1 – First broadcast 9 January 1979

And now on Maximum Power, everyone’s had a haircut and found some new clothes, and we’re being dragged inexorably towards Spaceworld and the beginning of Series B of Blake’s 7.

This week, Col is watching everything at half-speed, James is pondering the nature of prediction, Mark is wondering if we’re being pulled to somewhere quite particular, Peter is admiring his floaty new outfit, and Si finds himself jammed in a tight space with an exposition slave, lucky him. Join us as we face Redemption!

The Michael E. Briant Interview, Part 2

And now on Maximum Power, we’re excited to present the second part of our two-part interview with legendary director Michael E. Briant.

In this week’s episode, Michael talks to Si and Pete about his original concept for the flight deck of The Liberator, robots at Wookey Hole, and why he didn’t return for Series B.

The Michael E. Briant Interview, Part 1

And now on Maximum Power, we’re absolutely delighted to be joined by a very special guest, respected director and lovely man Michael E. Briant.

Michael very kindly spent an evening talking with Si and Pete about his experiences working on Blake’s 7. In the first part of a two-part interview Michael talks to us about the genesis of the show, his work on The Way Back and The Web, and his early influences. 

We would like to say a very big thank you to Michael for giving us his time, and to Jason Thompson of the Robots In Your Eyes podcast who helped us to make this happen.

The Series A Retrospective

We’ve reached the end of Series A, which has taken us from a carpark on a totalitarian Earth, via Cygnus Alpha, planet of the Decimas, Centero, the freighter Ortega, unnamed planet from Episode 8, unnamed planet from Episode 9, an inexpertly constructed Airfix model called XK-72, the Waterloo Tower in Quex Park in Kent, and the planet Cephlon, finally landing triumphantly on the planet Aristo. But what have we learned from the experience?

A Stroll Against Time


Series A, Episode 13 – First broadcast 27 March 1978

And now on Maximum Power, the Liberator crew discover what a perspex box full of flashing lights is really worth as they meet Orac.

This week Nathan is explaining to Si what went on last week, despite Si actually being there for the Deliverance podcast. Pete’s willing to pay ten times what Orac is worth, while Brendan is a lot of trouble, as usual. Meanwhile Colin is all about the maps, the dazzlingly detailed maps. Join us as we laugh our way through Episode 13 of Series A of Blakes 7Orac.

A Very Servalan Plan


Series A, Episode 12 – First broadcast 20 March 1978

And now on Maximum Power, we’re living in hope of Deliverance, and while we’re at it having a good chat about Episode 12 of Series A of Blakes 7!

This week Si is being worshipped by the lovely Meegat, counting himself that makes two people who think he’s wonderful. Pete’s been captured by hairly primitives, he’s loving it. James is prepared to pay 100 million credits for Orac, and Mark finally gets his turn using the video walkman before it disappears from the show altogether. Let’s hope they don’t all spend too much time down on the irradiated, snowy planet of Cephalon.



Series A, Episode 11 – First broadcast 13 March 1978

And now on Maximum Power, Blake and Cally go in search of the chocolate planet of Lindor, or at least its ex-President Sarkoff, their bounty (but he doesn’t want a bar of it).

This week Nathan’s reflexes are getting dull, the guards nearly fell over him before he heard them. James has a smashing time with Sarkoff’s vinyl collection. Pete is making a personal investigation, personally. Meanwhile, we’ve lost Colin, he’s just absolutely enticed by Tyce. Join us as we take a look at Episode 11 of Blake’s 7Bounty