High Decibel Villainy

The Keeper

Series B, Episode 12. First broadcast on Tuesday 27 March 1979

Episode 28

This week on Maximum Power, the Liberator has arrived at the planet Goth in search of a brain print which holds the location of Star One. But the crew’s mission won’t be as easy at it sounds, for starters the place is full of tents.

While Si tries to convince the local chieftan to let him see his amulet, Col is trading barbs with the chieftain’s sister, trying to see hers. Pete is playing the fool and making the Fool jealous. And Una promises that if anyone lays a finger on her, the Federation battle fleets will blast you to ashes, you and all your tents!

Join us as we discuss Episode 12 of Series B of Blake’s 7The Keeper.

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