Another Centrist Insurrection


Series B, Episode 9. First broadcast on Tuesday 6 March 1979

Episode 25

This week on Maximum Power, the crew arrive on the planet Albian in search of Space Major Provine, a Federation officer who may have information on how to find Control.

But they’ve arrived in the aftermath of a rebellion which has overthrown Federation control of the planet, the Federation have activated a bomb which will wipe out the planet’s population, and Provine has escaped.

While Col and Pete desperately search for the missing Provine, Nathan and Peter teleport to the planet’s polar region to attempt to defuse the bomb. Will they beat the Countdown?

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Escapade of the Week


Series B, Episode 8. First broadcast on Tuesday 27 February 1979

Episode 24

And now on Maximum Power, new arrival Hannah and her gang of crimos has taken Si, Col and Pete Hostage and is forcing them to watch Episode 8 of Series B of Blake’s 7, they may not survive.

Join our intrepid crew as they struggle with persistent pursuit ships, convoluted kidnapping plots, and questionable familial relationships.

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Full Camp Exchanges


Series B, Episode 7. First broadcast on Tuesday 20 February 1979

Episode 23

This week on Maximum Power, Nathan and Brendan teleport down to Federation installation Q-Base on the planet Fosforon to steal a translator crystal, and what better way of doing that than by blackmailing an old ‘friend’.

Meanwhile, an ancient spacecraft is heading towards the planet, complete with a deadly strain of space plague, and the other plot strand. Sensing something is wrong James alerts Simon who heads down to the planet to explain to the base’s chief scientist, a noted virologist, how viral transmission works.

Will they be able to find a cure in time, or will the base succumb to a Killer, in Episode 7 of Series B of Blake’s 7.

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You’ve Got to Have a Hobby


Series B, Episode 6. First broadcast on Tuesday 13 February 1979

Episode 22

And now on Maximum Power the Liberator crew and the Federation are dealing with the aftermath of the catastrophic events of last week’s episode.

This week, reeling from the loss of his fellow crew member, Si teleports down to an ‘uninhabited’ planet to do some soul searching, here he comes across ridge-headed latex-skinned alien Col. Meanwhile, disgraced for failing to capture the Liberator crew, Pete is on space trial at Space Command, and who better to pass judgement than Old Starkiller himself Paul Monk.

Join us as we begin our attack run on Episode 6 of Series B of Blake’s 7Trial.

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Project Managing His Adventures

Pressure Point

Series B, Episode 5. First broadcast on Tuesday 6 February 1979

Episode 21

And now on Maximum Power, Blake and his crew are brought right back down to Earth, as we discuss Episode 5 of Series B of Blake’s 7 - Pressure Point.

This week, although Si has been waiting for 18 days, Col is sure Blake is coming. Mark will dig us out eventually, and Pete will bury you! Will we all make it out alive from the multi-coloured corridors of doom? Find out as we discuss Terry Nation’s return to the show.

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Another Tool in Her Toolbox


Series B, Episode 4. First broadcast on Tuesday 30 January 1979

Episode 20

And now on Maximum Power, despite space fatigue and too many space crises, the crew are ready to discuss Episode 4 of Series B of Blake’s 7.

This week, in an unlikely turn of events, Nathan becomes the Liberator’s nurse, Peter reveals he’s not an ideal teacher, Simon admits he’s not an ideal pupil, and Si, well he’s not expendable, he’s not stupid and he’s not going!

Join us on a trip to the tropical mining world of Horizon!

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Their Collection of Sleeves


Series B, Episode 3. First broadcast on Tuesday 23 January 1979

Episode 19

This week on Maximum Power, brilliant and slightly unhinged Beta-grade technician Nathan has invented a rather curiously named weapon, and now he’s on the run from the Federation, taking downtrodden and rather fabulous bond-slave Brendan with him.

To catch them, James dons one of his best frocks and enlists the services of floaty-sleeved Clonemaster Adam Richard in the creation of a pair of clones, one to be killed for dramatic effect, the other to use in a convoluted plot to grab Nathan’s weapon… So that’s IMIPAK!

Join us as we discuss Episode 3 of Series B of Blake’s 7 - Weapon.

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Planets Without Daisies or Daffodils


Series B, Episode 2. First broadcast on Tuesday 16 January 1979

Episode 18

And now on Maximum Power, the Liberator crew head to Space City to enlist the support of shadowy drug-smuggling criminal syndicate the Terra Nostra in their fight against the Federation.

This week as Si tries to negotiate with the Terra Nostra, Col is sneakily sampling the delights of the satellite of sin, while newcomer (and dark force from another dimension) Tim Dickinson is attempting to use James’ strange and ill-defined telepathic abilities to break into our universe.

Join us as we strive to break our addiction to Shadow, Episode 2 of Series B of Blake’s 7.

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Davros Called, He Wants His Leather Tunic Back


Series B, Episode 1. First broadcast on Tuesday 9 January 1979

Episode 17

And now on Maximum Power, everyone’s had a haircut and found some new clothes, and we’re being dragged inexorably towards Spaceworld and the beginning of Series B of Blake’s 7.

This week, Col is watching everything at half-speed, James is pondering the nature of prediction, Mark is wondering if we’re being pulled to somewhere quite particular, Peter is admiring his floaty new outfit, and Si finds himself jammed in a tight space with an exposition slave, lucky him. Join us as we face Redemption!

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The Michael E Briant Interview, Part 2

Episode 16

And now on Maximum Power, we’re excited to present the second part of our two-part interview with legendary director Michael E. Briant.

In this week’s episode, Michael talks to Si and Pete about his original concept for the flight deck of The Liberator, robots at Wookey Hole, and why he didn’t return for Series B.

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