Gan Isn’t Working


Series A, Episode 10 – First broadcast 6 March 1978

And now on Maximum Power, Gan finally gets his featured storyline, and spends most of the episode snoozing as his Limiter develops a breakdown. 

This week Brendan suggests a trip to neutral Space Station XK72 to sort out Gan’s Limiter, while Simon would prefer to head to Cassiona or maybe Kainnessos. Mark’s one of the greatest surgeons you’ll ever see (just look at his hands), and Pete is considering his options because staying with Blake requires a degree of  stupidity of which he no longer feels capable.

Join the team as they take a look at Episode 10 of Blake’s 7Breakdown

The Roll-Back-And-Mix Virus

Project Avalon

Series A, Episode 9 – First broadcast 27 February 1978

This week on Maximum Power, the crew teleport down to a bleak ice planet in search of freedom fighter Avalon. But Travis has got there first, and he’s got a little project in mind.

While Si and Col don their extra-toasty heated Space Anoraks™ and prepare to meet Avalon with eager anticipation, Pete decides that he will contain his enthusiasm up on the Liberator, in the warm. James, meanwhile, seems a little cold and detached, is he upset or could it have something to do with Project Avalon?

The Rest of the Time They’re Just People in Hats


Series A, Episode 8 – First broadcast 20 February 1978

With the mighty Douglas Camfield at the helm, the Liberator crew face a dual duel in this week’s jewel of an episode.

This week on Maximum Power, Colin is rocking out to avant guard soundscapes, Nathan’s got the Series A-B-C-D heebeegeebees, and Simon’s spotted the potential for watching Blake’s adventures and commenting on them (hmm, could that catch on?).

Meanwhile, James is up a tree tossing nuts, Pete’s stanning Stannis, and everybody’s mispronouncing stasis. It’s episode 8 of Blake’s 7Duel!

Jeopardy Space Meteorites

Mission to Destiny 

Series A, Episode 7 – First Broadcast 13 February 1978 

And now on Maximum Power, Avon and Cally are Poirot and Marple on a Mission to Destiny.

This week, Pete doesn’t care if your whole world turns into a mushroom, Peter’s people have a saying about trusting people or something. Don’t worry about Si, he lacks affection and Simon has written something in blood… It says 54124. Now what could that possibly mean?!

The Cat-and-Mouse Approach


Series A, Episode 6 – First Broadcast 6 February 1978 

And now on Maximum Power, we are down and safe on the planet Centero, which is definitely top secret and can in no way be infiltrated, for Episode 6 of Blake’s 7Seek-Locate-Destroy

As nothing really happens in this episode, Pete is keeping busy playing with his new Acid-Squirting-Security-Robot™, while we are introduced to two vitally unimportant characters: Nathan the glamorous Supreme Commander in charge of shade, and James who is delighted when Nathan appoints him Space RADA Officer responsible for finding Blake.

Si, meanwhile, is sneaking past the guards with his space lunchbox looking to do some damage, and Col is trapped in a cupboard. 

Colour-Coded Anoraks

The Web

Series A, Episode 5 – First broadcast 30 January 1978

This week on Maximum Power, Colin has started acting strangely, he’s been possessed by a strange alien force, and hijacks the podcast, piloting it towards a planet where it is trapped in an unbreakable web hanging in space.

Pete teleports down to the planet where he meets diminutive creatures the Decimas, one of them asks for his help, but is killed by the silver-skinned Brendan, who takes him to his leader Peter, one of the Lost, a group of people exiled from the planet Auron.

Join us as we squeal excitedly about the fifth episode of Blake’s 7 The Web.

Pennant Robertsitis

Time Squad

Series A, Episode 4 – First broadcast 23 January 1978

This week on Maximum Power, the crew discover a life support pod floating in space, full of frozen leather-clad homicidal maniacs, but Si’s not frightened, he just looks murderous. Meanwhile, James has a chip on his shoulder and another in his head, his punishment for killing a security guard, but he had no choice “you see, he killed my woman.”

Arriving at Saurian Major to destroy the Federation communications complex, the crew meet oddly telepathic freedom fighters Peter and Simon, who’ve been hiding in the hills and avoiding the plants, several of which have designs on their bodies. Will these plucky newcomers return for more episodes? Well yes, if the teleport works in time.

Brace yourself for veiny weirdos and underwhelming explosions as we discuss episode 4 of Blake’s 7Time Squad!

Space RADA

Cygnus Alpha

Series A, Episode 3 – First broadcast 16 January 1978

And now on Maximum Power, Brian Blessed stars as Space Jesus in episode 3 of Blake’s 7Cygnus Alpha!

This week, on discovering giant off-camera rooms full of jewels and clothes, Si and Mark decide to try their hand at cosplaying late 70s beige sci-fi TV shows. Col is too busy being telepathically manipulated by the ship’s computer to notice what’s going on. Brendan discovers he can handle two Liberator space hairdryers with ease, while crushing polystyrene bracelets with the other hand, and Pete presses some random buttons on the teleport and discovers that Brian Blessed contains a small controlled BBC pyrotechnic display when beamed into space.

Space Grouting Peril

Space Fall

Series A, Episode 2 – First broadcast 9 January 1978

And now on Maximum Power, an army of five, plus him, comes together!

In this episode Colin is upping the suppressants in his fellow podcasters’ rations, he likes ’em docile. James finds out that the limit of his world from now is mess facilities, sleeping bays, a recreation area. Nathan has been practising his magic tricks to distract the guards. Pete wonders if he’s ever met an honest man, and Si is noting down everything that was said or done by everybody for his report. Join us as we look at the second episode of Blake’s 7Space Fall

I Love the Lack of Apostrophe

The Way Back

Series A, Episode 1 – First broadcast 2 January 1978

And now on Maximum Power, drugs, sex, show trials, massacres and women being pulled by the hair, in the first episode of the new family space opera, Blakes 7!

In this episode, Colin has had vis-tapes from his family twice a year, so everything is obviously fine. James has gone without food or drink for 36 hours and is hungry and thirsty. Nathan has been thinking about leaving the dome and going outside, which we all know is a category 4 crime. Pete has been bopping away to his vidi-walkman all through his shift in the records office, and Si has had his head adjusted by some of the best in the business, but it just won’t stay adjusted. Join us as we all look for The Way Back!