Alan Lake Was Also the Location


Series C, Episode 1. First broadcast on Monday 7 January 1980

Episode 32

And now on Maximum Power, our fearless space crew are reeling from the aftermath of the intergalactic war. While some of them take a break until next week, others go missing until later this year, and some of them are never seen again!

This week, Nathan finds himself on the planet Sarran, his clothes in tatters and his Federation in ruins. Never fear, Si’s on hand to lend him a floaty purple dress, it’s a little old fashioned, and not his colour, but it’ll do very nicely. James tells us he likes the ancient weapons, they’re more exciting, more dangerous, and without danger there’s no pleasure. And, Peter thinks that must limit your range of pleasures a bit.

Join us for the premiere of Series C of Blake’s 7 - Aftermath.

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