An Outrageous Failure

Voice from the Past

Series B, Episode 10. First broadcast on Tuesday 13 March 1979

Episode 26

And now on Maximum Power, we’re scheming with Shivan, venting with Ven Glynd and having Le Grand old time, as we head to a governors’ conference on the planet Atlay, intent on overthrowing the Federation.

This week, Si is not so enfeebled he’s forgotten the rules of the game, Simon is swathed in bandages and could be anyone, but is definitely who he says he is, promise. Peter is waiting to make his entrance on a huge cinema screen, and James, well, he has seen through your pathetic little scheme from the very beginning!

But what did we make of Roger Parkes’ debut Blake’s 7 script – Voice from the Past?

Recorded on Saturday 4 December 2021 | Duration 0:48:07 | Download MP3 | Episode Gallery