The Series B Retrospective

Episode 30

And now on Maximum Power, we take a look back at Series B of Blake’s 7.

Our adventure has taken us from the clutches of The System on Spaceworld, to the machinations of the Terra Nostra on Space City. From the planet of the Clone Masters, to Space Command, and Horizon, Earth, Space Command, and to a planet with an ocean made of spit.

We’ve been to Federation Q-Base on the planet Fosforon, Exbar, Albian, Space Command, Atlay (and its conference centre), Freedom City, Goth, Space Command, and finally on, with luck, to Star One.

But what have we learned from the experience? Join us for The Series B Retrospective and find out!

Recorded on Saturday 16 April 2022 | Duration 1:52:02 | Download MP3