Colour-Coded Anoraks

The Web

Series A, Episode 5. First broadcast on Monday 30 January 1978

Episode 5

This week on Maximum Power, Colin has started acting strangely, he’s been possessed by a strange alien force, and hijacks the podcast, piloting it towards a planet where it is trapped in an unbreakable web hanging in space.

Pete teleports down to the planet where he meets diminutive creatures the Decimas, one of them asks for his help, but is killed by the silver-skinned Brendan, who takes him to his leader Peter, one of the Lost, a group of people exiled from the planet Auron.

Join us as we squeal excitedly about the fifth episode of Blake’s 7 - The Web.

Recorded on Sunday 16 May 2021 | Duration 0:52:15 | Download MP3 | Episode Gallery