The Cat-and-Mouse Approach


Series A, Episode 6. First broadcast on Monday 6 February 1978

Episode 6

And now on Maximum Power, we are down and safe on the planet Centero, which is definitely top secret and can in no way be infiltrated, for Episode 6 of Blake’s 7 - Seek-Locate-Destroy.

As nothing really happens in this episode, Pete is keeping busy playing with his new Acid-Squirting-Security-Robot™, while we are introduced to two vitally unimportant characters: Nathan the glamorous Supreme Commander in charge of shade, and James who is delighted when Nathan appoints him Space RADA Officer responsible for finding Blake.

Si, meanwhile, is sneaking past the guards with his space lunchbox looking to do some damage, and Col is trapped in a cupboard.

Recorded on Sunday 16 May 2021 | Duration 0:49:00 | Download MP3 | Episode Gallery