Pennant Robertsitis

Time Squad

Series A, Episode 4. First broadcast on Monday 23 January 1978

Episode 4

This week on Maximum Power, the crew discover a life support pod floating in space, full of frozen leather-clad homicidal maniacs, but Si’s not frightened, he just looks murderous. Meanwhile, James has a chip on his shoulder and another in his head, his punishment for killing a security guard, but he had no choice “you see, he killed my woman."

Arriving at Saurian Major to destroy the Federation communications complex, the crew meet oddly telepathic freedom fighters Peter and Simon, who’ve been hiding in the hills and avoiding the plants, several of which have designs on their bodies. Will these plucky newcomers return for more episodes? Well yes, if the teleport works in time.

Brace yourself for veiny weirdos and underwhelming explosions as we discuss episode 4 of Blake’s 7 - Time Squad!

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