Space RADA

Cygnus Alpha

Series A, Episode 3. First broadcast on Monday 16 January 1978

Episode 3

And now on Maximum Power, Brian Blessed stars as Space Jesus in episode 3 of Blake’s 7 - Cygnus Alpha!

This week, on discovering giant off-camera rooms full of jewels and clothes, Si and Mark decide to try their hand at cosplaying late 70s beige sci-fi TV shows. Col is too busy being telepathically manipulated by the ship’s computer to notice what’s going on. Brendan discovers he can handle two Liberator space hairdryers with ease, while crushing polystyrene bracelets with the other hand, and Pete presses some random buttons on the teleport and discovers that Brian Blessed contains a small controlled BBC pyrotechnic display when beamed into space.

Recorded on Sunday 9 May 2021 | Duration 0:52:12 | Download MP3 | Episode Gallery