The Series A Retrospective

We’ve reached the end of Series A, which has taken us from a carpark on a totalitarian Earth, via Cygnus Alpha, planet of the Decimas, Centero, the freighter Ortega, unnamed planet from Episode 8, unnamed planet from Episode 9, an inexpertly constructed Airfix model called XK-72, the Waterloo Tower in Quex Park in Kent, and the planet Cephlon, finally landing triumphantly on the planet Aristo. But what have we learned from the experience?

A Stroll Against Time


Series A, Episode 13 – First broadcast 27 March 1978

And now on Maximum Power, the Liberator crew discover what a perspex box full of flashing lights is really worth as they meet Orac.

This week Nathan is explaining to Si what went on last week, despite Si actually being there for the Deliverance podcast. Pete’s willing to pay ten times what Orac is worth, while Brendan is a lot of trouble, as usual. Meanwhile Colin is all about the maps, the dazzlingly detailed maps. Join us as we laugh our way through Episode 13 of Series A of Blakes 7Orac.

A Very Servalan Plan


Series A, Episode 12 – First broadcast 20 March 1978

And now on Maximum Power, we’re living in hope of Deliverance, and while we’re at it having a good chat about Episode 12 of Series A of Blakes 7!

This week Si is being worshipped by the lovely Meegat, counting himself that makes two people who think he’s wonderful. Pete’s been captured by hairly primitives, he’s loving it. James is prepared to pay 100 million credits for Orac, and Mark finally gets his turn using the video walkman before it disappears from the show altogether. Let’s hope they don’t all spend too much time down on the irradiated, snowy planet of Cephalon.



Series A, Episode 11 – First broadcast 13 March 1978

And now on Maximum Power, Blake and Cally go in search of the chocolate planet of Lindor, or at least its ex-President Sarkoff, their bounty (but he doesn’t want a bar of it).

This week Nathan’s reflexes are getting dull, the guards nearly fell over him before he heard them. James has a smashing time with Sarkoff’s vinyl collection. Pete is making a personal investigation, personally. Meanwhile, we’ve lost Colin, he’s just absolutely enticed by Tyce. Join us as we take a look at Episode 11 of Blake’s 7Bounty

Gan Isn’t Working


Series A, Episode 10 – First broadcast 6 March 1978

And now on Maximum Power, Gan finally gets his featured storyline, and spends most of the episode snoozing as his Limiter develops a breakdown. 

This week Brendan suggests a trip to neutral Space Station XK72 to sort out Gan’s Limiter, while Simon would prefer to head to Cassiona or maybe Kainnessos. Mark’s one of the greatest surgeons you’ll ever see (just look at his hands), and Pete is considering his options because staying with Blake requires a degree of  stupidity of which he no longer feels capable.

Join the team as they take a look at Episode 10 of Blake’s 7Breakdown

The Roll-Back-And-Mix Virus

Project Avalon

Series A, Episode 9 – First broadcast 27 February 1978

This week on Maximum Power, the crew teleport down to a bleak ice planet in search of freedom fighter Avalon. But Travis has got there first, and he’s got a little project in mind.

While Si and Col don their extra-toasty heated Space Anoraks™ and prepare to meet Avalon with eager anticipation, Pete decides that he will contain his enthusiasm up on the Liberator, in the warm. James, meanwhile, seems a little cold and detached, is he upset or could it have something to do with Project Avalon?

The Rest of the Time They’re Just People in Hats


Series A, Episode 8 – First broadcast 20 February 1978

With the mighty Douglas Camfield at the helm, the Liberator crew face a dual duel in this week’s jewel of an episode.

This week on Maximum Power, Colin is rocking out to avant guard soundscapes, Nathan’s got the Series A-B-C-D heebeegeebees, and Simon’s spotted the potential for watching Blake’s adventures and commenting on them (hmm, could that catch on?).

Meanwhile, James is up a tree tossing nuts, Pete’s stanning Stannis, and everybody’s mispronouncing stasis. It’s episode 8 of Blake’s 7Duel!

Jeopardy Space Meteorites

Mission to Destiny 

Series A, Episode 7 – First Broadcast 13 February 1978 

And now on Maximum Power, Avon and Cally are Poirot and Marple on a Mission to Destiny.

This week, Pete doesn’t care if your whole world turns into a mushroom, Peter’s people have a saying about trusting people or something. Don’t worry about Si, he lacks affection and Simon has written something in blood… It says 54124. Now what could that possibly mean?!

The Cat-and-Mouse Approach


Series A, Episode 6 – First Broadcast 6 February 1978 

And now on Maximum Power, we are down and safe on the planet Centero, which is definitely top secret and can in no way be infiltrated, for Episode 6 of Blake’s 7Seek-Locate-Destroy

As nothing really happens in this episode, Pete is keeping busy playing with his new Acid-Squirting-Security-Robot™, while we are introduced to two vitally unimportant characters: Nathan the glamorous Supreme Commander in charge of shade, and James who is delighted when Nathan appoints him Space RADA Officer responsible for finding Blake.

Si, meanwhile, is sneaking past the guards with his space lunchbox looking to do some damage, and Col is trapped in a cupboard. 

Colour-Coded Anoraks

The Web

Series A, Episode 5 – First broadcast on 30 January 1978

This week on Maximum Power, Colin has started acting strangely, he’s been possessed by a strange alien force, and hijacks the podcast, piloting it towards a planet where it is trapped in an unbreakable web hanging in space.

Pete teleports down to the planet where he meets diminutive creatures the Decimas, one of them asks for his help, but is killed by the silver-skinned Brendan, who takes him to his leader Peter, one of the Lost, a group of people exiled from the planet Auron.

Join us as we squeal excitedly about the fifth episode of Blake’s 7 The Web.