Maximum Power: The Back Way

In a renegade penal colony of a once powerful empire, a boy who has never known another life sits and dreams. He gazes up at the stars and cries out for the thousandth time… “When are we doing the Blake’s 7 podcast?!”

A reply booms into his headphones, “We’re not doing it now, James. We’re recording Flight Through Entirety. And if, as the narrator just claimed, you can see the stars above you, it’s time you fixed your roof.”

A fraction of a spacial away, on the recalcitrant northern isle of Brexation, two rogue podcasters are granted a rare licence to meet in a park. They dare not speak — they may be being monitored — but by rhythmically kicking trees using an ancient system known as Morse Code, Colneal and Sihart are able secretly to concoct their plan.

Thud thud thud… “Hey, let’s do a Blake’s 7 podcast, and let’s make it completely original!” Whack whack whack… “Or, we could just rip off Flight Through Entirety.”

Episodic escapades ensue with a ragtag grab bag of podcasters, entrapping Trap One along the way. Not so much a “Dirty Dozen in Space” — more a sort of “12 Monkeys with microphones”.