The Rest of the Time They’re Just People in Hats


Series A, Episode 8. First broadcast on Monday 20 February 1978

Episode 8

With the mighty Douglas Camfield at the helm, the Liberator crew face a dual duel in this week’s jewel of an episode.

This week on Maximum Power, Colin is rocking out to avant guard soundscapes, Nathan’s got the Series A-B-C-D heebeegeebees, and Simon’s spotted the potential for watching Blake’s adventures and commenting on them (hmm, could that catch on?).

Meanwhile, James is up a tree tossing nuts, Pete’s stanning Stannis, and everybody’s mispronouncing stasis. It’s episode 8 of Blake’s 7 - Duel!

Recorded on Sunday 30 May 2021 | Duration 0:49:00 | Download MP3 | Episode Gallery