The Series C Retrospective

Episode 45

And now on Maximum Power, it’s time to look back at Series C of Blake’s 7.

It’s been a wild ride, from the fatal shores of Sarran, to an almost fatal sickbay on the planet Chenga. From a radioactive volcano on Obsidian to an impossible realm on the other side of a black hole. From an alien-harvest on the planet Kairos to an altercation with Bayban the Butcher.

We’ve been on a mission to save the children of Auron, and in search of our long lost love, been taken over by a golden-skinned alien with a fabulous perm, and watched in shock as the grey-skinned Ultras pressured our new shipmates Dayna and Tarrant into performing the human mating ritual.

We’ve suffered the casual misogyny of Moloch, casually death-watched one of the crew’s relatives be murdered, and finally arrived at our Terminal destination. But was it worth it, what was it all for? Join us for the Series C Retrospective.

Recorded on Thursday 4 January 2024 | Duration 2:31:03 | Download MP3