The Ginka Show

Children of Auron

Series C, Episode 7. First broadcast on Tuesday 19 February 1980

Episode 38

And now on Maximum Power, the Liberator crew find themselves en route to the planet Auron on a mission to save the Children of Auron.

This week, Peter receives a telepathic communication from his twin, Pete: “They’re all dying. Help us. Help Auron!” Supreme Commander Col has infected an Auron pilot with a deadly space pathogen as part of a plot to get access to the Auronar’s cloning technology, wiping out the population in the process. All is not lost howerver, Simon and Brendan manage to escape the planet with the Auron gene stocks, and set course for the planet Khan to restart the Auron race, lucky them.

Recorded on Saturday 24 June 2023 | Duration 1:01:56 | Download MP3 | Episode Gallery