I Love the Lack of Apostrophe

The Way Back

Series A, Episode 1. First broadcast on Monday 2 January 1978

Episode 1

And now on Maximum Power, drugs, sex, show trials, massacres and women being pulled by the hair, in the first episode of the new family space opera, Blakes 7!

In this episode, Colin has had vis-tapes from his family twice a year, so everything is obviously fine. James has gone without food or drink for 36 hours and is hungry and thirsty. Nathan has been thinking about leaving the dome and going outside, which we all know is a category 4 crime. Pete has been bopping away to his vidi-walkman all through his shift in the records office, and Si has had his head adjusted by some of the best in the business, but it just won’t stay adjusted. Join us as we all look for The Way Back!

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